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Pom Pizza



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Every single POM Pizza Watch is an entirely one-of-a-kind piece... no two are exactly alike! All are made from upcycled watches that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

'Silver Cloud' features the original, black leather wristband that came with this upcycled watch + a silver face. This watch will fit wrists 5.5"-9.8" in size. The face of the watch is approximately 1.5" across. The letters of 'N-O-W' are in silver.  

The day that I made this watch, I went for a walk and noticed that the clouds -- with the light of the sun shining through them -- looked like they were silver. This is the first all silver watch I've made, and it felt fitting to name it after the clouds. Sometimes, if I find myself a little lost in my head -- I look at the clouds and it reminds me to be present and to appreciate everything around me.  

The Backstory

A few months ago, I was looking for a watch that my husband had given me. I found it, but the battery was dead, so he took it apart to replace the battery. In a 'lucky' happenstance, he accidentally broke the watch while he was attempting to replace the battery... and the watch sat, disassembled, on our kitchen table for a few weeks. 

One day, we were staring at it, and I said, "What should we do with that watch?" 

Aaron, in his infinite wisdom, replied, "You should just write the word NOW on it." 

Instantly, an idea was born. I had worked with acrylic as a very curious child, and so I decided that I could salvage unusable watches and upcycle them into 'NOW watches'.

Please keep in mind as you wear this piece of art that while the 'watch' itself does not have any functioning time-keeping abilities... it is the most accurate watch that you will EVER wear, because it always has the correct time... because it's only ever right NOW. 

I hope that as you look at your NOW watch, that it will remind you to take a few deep breaths and to come into the present moment. 

Every single NOW watch is handmade by me and my husband Aaron using upcycled watches that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. Each watch is completely unique and different and there are sometimes tiny air bubbles in the acrylic or slight imperfections on the glass or the surface of the watch. 

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