What is POM Pizza?

Hi! I'm Anastasia and I'm the founder of POM Pizza. I'm also the founder of another company - a gear company called Kula Cloth.

When I was a kid - I had a lot of ideas. A LOT of ideas. I started businesses all the time: dog walking, snow shoveling, and orange juice and muffin delivery. It felt like anything and everything was possible... until the world started to tell me that it wasn't.

"Somebody else is doing it."

"It's too expensive."

"All businesses always fail."

"You don't know what you're doing."

The list goes on. As I became older, I still had ideas - but I quickly talked myself out of them under the guise of being, 'foolish and reckless'. I'd get really inspired about something... only to find my motivation waning the second I tried to figure out 'how' to make it happen. 

In my 20s, I wanted to start a few different businesses: a t-shirt business, a skincare company, a grilled cheese restaurant, an art business, and a tea company... just to name a few. I gave up on all of them before I even tried much more than doing some basic research.

So, what the heck is POM Pizza? Well, POM Pizza is my answer to that. The name started as a little bit of a joke with my husband... but it grew on me. With POM Pizza, I'm going to start every single business I ever wanted to start, but never did. This business is going to represent the most delicious 'pizza' of ideas, dreams, inspiration and creativity that I can come up with. Collectively, it will be an expression of the process of simply learning that all things are possible - when you believe that they are.

What's in a name? Well, that's the ridiculous part. A few years ago, I told my husband and I was going to pay off our house. I told him that I was going to start a website called POM.COM (i.e. POM = pay off mortgage). To be funny, I actually tried to buy that domain name, but... it was already taken... by a company that makes LCD chips. When I searched for the domain name, though... one of the 'auto-suggestions' from the domain website was POM.PIZZA. I already had been toying with the concept of creating a 'pizza' website, where I could creatively pursue all of the things that I had always told myself would fail... and so, POM.PIZZA was born.

I want to pay your mortgage (or rent)

But wait, there's more. I wasn't kidding about the paying off the house thing. As I started to create this website -- I decided that 'POM' can't just be about me. If I'm going to walk the talk... then I have to create a business that is simultaneously about giving and receiving (which are really the same thing). So, I've decided that every 300 orders (or thereabouts), I will use a random number generator to randomly select one winner ... and I'll pay your mortgage (or rent) for the month. No, I'm not joking. The most recent census bureau survey says that the average monthly mortgage payment in the USA is around $2300 ... so, if I draw your name... I'll reach out and contact you... and send you a check for $2300. That's it! Doesn't that sound like fun?

More than anything, I hope the fun, creative things that I make here inspire YOU to follow and pursue your own dreams. I hope that if I can do it, you know that you can too.

For me, the process of entrepreneurship has been a process of dismantling my own understanding of the world around me - and learning how to create a better one that is based on love, kindness and generosity. It isn't WHAT you create, but HOW you create it that matters. Each part of the process is meant to bring more good and love into the world - and if you remember that - you absolutely cannot fail, no matter what you do. It isn't the WHAT that matters. It's the HOW. 
Each of us has the opportunity to show up each day and to bring something good into the world. Today is ALWAYS your day to do that. 

Thanks so much for being here - I'm excited to watch POM Pizza take on a life of its own.